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“Adobha” is a co-living space service provider.

We offer both private rooms and sharing rooms in Condominiums or in private landed houses across Singapore. When you stay with us, you will stay with other like-minded ex-pats of similar age groups and multinational backgrounds. We are here to create a lively community and offer exceptional living experiences!

Talk to one of our representatives to learn more about available co-living places and locations.

I was first skeptical about sharing a house with a bunch of strangers. I moved in thinking, I will try this experience for few months, however after living here some time, I continued staying. Now it almost 5+ years and I’m super comfortable here!
Besides having a clean and safe room and round-to-clock property maintenance, the opportunity of meeting up with new people and making new friends regularly makes me happy!

-Sirish, 42 , Male, Expat, IT professional.

  • Looking a nice and clean room at affordable fee?

    Looking a nice and clean room at affordable fee?

  • Don’t want to live with a live-in landlord!

    Don’t want to live with a live-in landlord!

  • Hate unreasonable house rules?

    Hate unreasonable house rules?

  • Want flexible lease terms?

    Want flexible lease terms?

  • Want a fully managed property?
    Want a fully managed property?

If you have said yes
to any or all the above

We have answers.

How it’s work..How it’s work..
Hate unreasonable house rules?

Did you know?

We are not a real-estate agency; hence we don't charge you any agency fee. If you get referred to us by any of our agent partners, we pay an agency fee to them for the referral, and you don't have to worry about it!

Hate unreasonable house rules?

Welcome all!

We have rooms for Single or Couple; Male or female; Expat or Local. Just let us know your needs, and we will offer you a suitable space.

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Staying in Coliving places requires to follow rules and our house rules are simple and clear.

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We are operating since 2013 and we have more rooms across Singapore, simply talk to our account manager to get to know, about our property locations.

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Our tenants love us for simple & transparent pricing. No hidden costs or fees.

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