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Standard House Rules

Standard House Rules

Standard House Rules, which tenants agrees to accept and abide when staying at any of the properties of Adobha Pte Ltd

  1. to seek permission from lessor before inviting or hosting any person in the property; before purchasing any items for the property; before hiring any person or company to either repair or clean or offer any private service in the property.
  2. to inform about any water leakage or gas leakage or any repairs or damage immediately.
  3. to clean thoroughly the gas stove & kitchen sink after every use & not leave garbage overnight.
  4. to keep the designed kitchen cabinets, & fridge shelves free from bugs, strains or expired food.
  5. to dry clothes only in the designated clothes drying area
  6. to always wear proper attire when using the common space in the premises.
  7. to permit lessor or his agents at reasonable time for maintenance or marketing.
  8. to follow all rules & regulations set up by condominium management office (if applicable).
  9. to pay in full for any damage beyond repair done to the items either intentionally or accidentally.
  10. not to loan money or seek money as loan from other housemates.
  11. not to use the common space to store personal belongings or sleep or consume alcohol.
  12. not to keep any pets including plants.
  13. not to do any activities after 11 pm that will disturb other tenants or neighbours.
  14. not to store any dangerous or hazardous materials in the room or apartment.
  15. to switch off all appliances and fans / lights / ac / taps when not in use.
  16. to agree to pay fee of 50$ per incident, if any electrical equipment or water point within room is found to be operating in the absence of the tenant.
  17. not to smoke inside the property ; not to consume alcohol in the common places of the apartment.

Non compliance to any of these house rules constitutes breach of tenancy.

Document Version: 2019 -1

Last Update date: 4 Sep 2019