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HDB or Condominium or Landed Property – where do you want to stay?

I often get this question from Expats. “Hey what is the difference between HDB or Condo or Landed Property and which is the best place to live?” I can’t tell which will be the best option, but I can tell you the difference between these kind of accommodation, so you can decide yourself.

Housing Development Board Houses ( aka HDB)

A HDB flat is one built by the Housing Development Board. They come in various sizes and are sold by the government to citizens. These don’t come with facilities like swimming pool or Gymnasium or Tennis court.

Pros – Mostly they are accessible to bus stop / MRT and eateries, cheaper, fewer facilities, busier, but always on bus routes and with a market and/or shops practically downstairs. 

Cons:  Those HDB facing the main road are really noisy, and old HDB are not really aesthetically appealing. They are also not safe, most of the theft happens in HDB, since they are not guarded. The chances of looking your footwear, bicycle etc are high when you live in a HDB.

Condominium ( Aka Condo)

A Condo implies a gated community or complex of blocks, with a swimming pool, gym, Tennis & Badminton court, Club House, Barbecue pits and other facilities. The facility is guarded 24X7.

Pros: 24X7 guarded and comes with various facilities. They are usually maintained well.

Cons: Not always near busy places, rent little more than HDB.

Landed Property

A Landed Property – is one which has its own fence. The landed property could be a town house, row house, cluster house, bungalow or Villa.

Pros: Living here is a big status symbol. Less than 5% of Singapore population stay in such property. Mostly these property are located in a quite & posh environment.

Cons: Not very well-connected, you might require your own mode of transport and the Rents are high compared to HDB / Condo.

Hope this helps.

To summarise….If you Need a simple room – no need for extra facilities – then stay in a HDB or If you Need a room with all extra facilities  then choose a CONDO or If you need a room that is posh and located in a quiet place then choose a Landed Property.

Note this Pls.. If you decide to stay in a Condo or a landed property then we have rooms available with us, just look for the listing under condo room and you find few options. However if you need a HDB room then we don’t have any.  🙁