Problems faced by women in a Mixed Coliving space?

Whether it is co-living spaces or co-working spaces, both are trending these days. In a highly-populated city like Singapore, it can be difficult to find a suitable room or apartment for rent, especially if you are on a budget. That’s why, shared apartments are gaining so much popularity right now. If you are a woman sharing an apartment with few other men, it can be both good and bad for you. While you can have a gala time with your new buddies and explore a lot of interesting things, sometimes having male members around can cause problems too.

Here are some of the things that might become an issue if not acted upon:

Sharing a common bathroom:

Women tend to take longer time in the bathroom than men. Men generally don’t understand this and chances are, they will keep rushing you to finish your business faster. Or, a woman might also face issues in maintaining privacy in the shared space. In order to avoid such unwelcome circumstances, you can have a discussion with them beforehand and find out the best time to occupy the shared bathroom for longer time and more privacy. Alternatively you can choose a room with attached washroom to totally overcome his issue!

Sharing the common kitchen:

Most of the men are less organized than women especially when using the kitchen! They will probably make a mess around the cooking area, leave utensils unwashed for a long time, will not clean the counters and the sinks properly, and so on. You can either learn to live that way, or take the trouble of talking with your housemates and see the conditions of the apartment before signing any tenancy. Best time to visit an apartment is on a Sunday afternoon, to really check the condition of the kitchen. :-)

Maintaining the general cleanliness of the apartment:

Again, men pay less attention to cleanliness, of course there are few exceptions. A woman like to keep her apartment clean and tidy, while most men do not bother much. If you are cleanliness freak, then a messy house will be big turnoff for you. Talk with the community manager of the coliving space like adobha to understand cleaning and maintenance schedules for that apartment.

Sharing TV time:

If you don’t have a TV in the bedroom, and the apartment has only one TV that too can cause problems because everybody has their own preference of shows. You can again make a schedule for watching your favorite shows and request your flat mates to abide by the schedule. Or, watching programs of others’ preferences can also be an option sometimes, especially if you want to bond with your new friends.

So, these are some of the problems that a woman might have to face when she is co-living with men. However, they are all solvable with a little bit of politeness and compassion towards those around you. So do not hesitate renting a coliving space!