My Neighbourhood: Tampines / Pasi Ris

Stay in the proximity of the Upper Changi region, or are considering renting an apartment in the neighbourhood, and wondering about the nearby attractions? Don't miss out on this article then – it covers the top three to-dos in the region!

Visit Changi Airport

Look: even Singaporeans flock to the airport for entertainment on the weekends! Yes – it’s that good. And here’s what you can look forward to at the airport:

  • Slide down Singapore’s tallest slide – Unleash the inner child within you and experience the thrill of sliding down a whopping 12-meters (approximately four stories high) at The Slide @ T3.
  • Lose yourself in arcade games – Have time to spare? Why not spend the hours at Zone X in Terminal 3? From dance machines to high-intensity shooting games, you’re bound to find a machine that captures your attention.
  • Explore Jewel Changi Airport – Take a break off spending money by hiking the Shiseido Forest Valley, one of the best places to stare in awe of the HSBC Rain Vortex (the largest indoor waterfall in the world!). Discover more of what you can do in Jewel here.

Feast on local hawker fare

Craving for a taste of Singaporean cuisine after endless fast food meals from MacDonald’s?

Make your way to the Changi Village Food Centre.

While there are plenty of delectable treats available here, such as Hainanese-inspired Western fare and fragrant barbecued chicken wings, there’s one dish you should prioritise trying: the Nasi Lemak. This divinely piquant dish comprises of coconut rice served with various side dishes, including sambal (chili paste) and anchovies.


2 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500002

Enjoy locally brewed beer

You might not know this, but there’s a microbrewery – situated right in the idyllic Changi neighbourhood! The Little Island Brewing Co only serves specialty beers brewed in house, and they alter the flavor and styles as often as they can so customers, (potentially) like yourself, never get bored of their offerings.

You'll be pleased to know that this Singaporean craft microbrewery also serves food to pair with their beer. And with it being so near to the sea, you can expect a great view as you chow down on your smoked beef brisket and sip on your suds.

So – you know where to go when you’re short on time and unable to make your beer cocktail!


6 Changi Village Road, Singapore 509907

Ultimately, there’s an awful lot to do in the Upper Changi/ Expo/ Simei neighbourhood – be it shopping, eating, or just having a ton of fun. If you’re considering relocating to this region, why not check out our listings? Who knows – you may meet your dream room and finally feel at home in Singapore!