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Should you consider a co-living space to rent?

Should you consider a co-living space to rent?

Rent a room from landlord or co-live? What’s best for individual expats in Singapore?

With as many expats entering  Singapore, the issue of living space has taken a new shape. Like every new entrant in any new country, the expatriates in Singapore face some common issues of living spaces on their house hunt or room hunt. Just when most of the expats were preferring to reside in HDB houses or condominium, the new wave of co-living trend hit the market with its dominance.

Being living in Singapore for almost a decade as a single, I’m familiar with almost all sorts of residential options available on the island.  Whether it is renting a whole apartment with your friends or colleagues or renting a room from a live-in landlord or staying in a co-living environment like the one offered by ADOBHA, all the options has its one  pros and cons.

To make it easier for you to decide, I have listed the pros and cons of renting from a live-in landlord and renting from a co-living space provider like Adobha.



Shared facilities: Kitchen, wifi, Housekeeping, laundry, and other daily utilities in a secured frame are intriguing enough to rely on co-living spaces. You don’t have to spend lot of money buying these items.

Lively ambiance: Sharing a space with some “random” person and embracing their lifestyle and culture emits a familiar vibe.  Living with someone from a different background and culture fills the void of living in an alien country.

Independence: Renting from a co-living space provider comes with little or no restrictions which means you can live your life your way without any hesitation.

Renting a Room from Landlords


Usually, landlords keep their rent charges quite low due to the limited facilities they offer.


Restrictions on facilities usage: Renting a room from landlords implies living under some restrictions. Most of the landlords restrict the use of the kitchen and have curfew hours. I have heard from some tenants; some super genius landlords switch off the Wi-Fi after 9 pm!

Environment: Living with landlords invades your personal space and privacy. Furthermore, when the landlords are loud and have children, the environment of the space becomes noisy and chaotic.

No visitor policy: Most of the landlords don’t allow visitors and have pre-set deadlines for entry/exit, which in turn leads to a mundane and rigid life.

Less documentation of No documentation: Most live-in landlords don’t issue you a contract or stamp-duty certificate and of course no rent receipts. Since no paper work, in case of difference of opinion, you don’t have any documents to protect your interest.

Don’t let a mere set of rules and restrictions define your way of living. Book your co-loving space with Adobha and enter the new style of living spaces.