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Know your Changi Business Park!

Know your Changi Business Park!

Singapore is not only one of the biggest financial hubs in Asia, but also the world with a GDP of around $372.807. Go around the city, and you’ll see skyscrapers for financial institutions and big business all over.With trade closing in on S$1 trillion per year, almost every country and every big international company wants to do business not only with, but also in, Singapore. To facilitate its lively economic scene, there are a number of business districts and parks within the city. One such development is Changi Business Park.

What is Changi Business Park?

Changi Business Park is a 66-hectare business park launched in 1997 by JTC Corporation. A number of enterprises that come from mostly Infocomm industries such as tech, data and software, and research and development.It’s the second-largest business park in Singapore but plays host to some of the biggest international companies like Huawei, JP Morgan, SCB, CITI bank, DBS and IBM. On top of providing constant office space for businesses, individuals can also rent temporary space in the park such as meeting rooms and coworking space. One example is the Regus Serviced Offices in “The Signature” building.Just like any world-class business park, there are numerous hotels and eateries inside and outside of it. However, to make sure they cater for every type of working professional, there are also other amenities like kindergartens, gyms, supermarkets, and clinics.Just like the rest of Singapore, the park features its fair share of greenery and isn’t just another cement jungle.

Where is it located?

As might be expected of such a high-profile facility, Changi Business Park is strategically located. The park is located in the east of the city within a 10-minute drive from Changi Airport. Falling in the Aviation-Distri Zone makes it conveniently positioned for business travel and logistics. It’s only a 5-minute walk from the Expo MRT station, the Changi City Point Mall, and the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

How do I get there?

As we mentioned, Changi Business Park is very close to the Expo MRT station which can be reached about 20 minutes from the city center. Driving there from the city center will take about 25 minutes without any traffic, but it can get quite congested. The park is also serviced by a number of bus routes. Bus 20 circles to the park from Tampines Interchange, bus 118 starts from Punggol, and bus 47 loops from Changi Business Park to Marina Bay. These take about 10, 20, and 60 minutes to complete their route, respectively. Not only does CBP have its own bus terminal, but there are also a number of stops within the park to facilitate transportation. If you are living in Punggol or Semei or Tampines or Bedok, then reaching to Changi business park in easy. However if you dont like to travel and prefer to stay in walking distance to Changi Business park, they are a lot of condominium in the nearby vicinity. At Adobha we offer several coliving spaces that are just a stone throw distance from Changi Business Park.

CBP Is Proof of Why It’s So Good to do Business in Singapore

Like just about everything in this incredible city, everything about CBP seems well planned, convenient, and future-centric. Located near the airport and with multiple transportation options to the city center, it’s an ideal place of business for international professionals. And, with all its facilities, it’s a workplace that supports your work as well as your personal life.*****Image courtesy: Mapletree.com.sg*******