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HDB or Condominium, Where to stay?

HDB or Condominium, Where to stay?

Singapore,has been voted as one of the top places to relocate to in Asia by expats. There are at least 3 different housing options available, however finding the right kind of place to stay can be a major challenge for many, I will discuss about this in a separate post

Now here are your options! 1. HDB – Housing Development Board homes – houses built by Govt. These house generally don’t offer any recreational facilities like gym, swimming pool, tennis or badminton courts. At-least 80 to 85 percentage of people live in such facilities. Mostly very accessible to MRT and other facilities. 2. Condominiums – These are gated private properties mostly comes with recreational facilities like gym, swimming pool, tennis or badminton courts. However some Condominiums, may not have recreational facilities. In modern or latest condominiums, you will get exceptional facilities, but the down side is the sizes are small usually when compared with HDB or landed houses! Around 10 to 15 percentage of homes are Condominiums in Singapore. Accessibility to MRT is little less compared to HDB, there are always exceptions! 3. Landed House – As name suggest, these are individual houses, with private carpark. In landed there are many subdivisions like Row house, Duplex, semi-D, good class bungalow etc. If you like to live to have a garden, want to live away from crowd and want a spacious space, then this is the best option. Less than 5% are landed homes in Singapore. Mostly away from MRT and not very accessible, of course there are always exceptions! To summarise, below I have given distribution of housing types, this is just to get an idea of options, don’t ask me statistics evidence LOL! 80% – HDB 15% – Condominiums 5% – Landed houses So where do you want to stay? Talk to us, if you are looking for room, in condominiums or landed house!