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Frequently Answered Questions

Do you let rooms for less than a month or few days?

We don’t let rooms on daily basis, we offer rooms only on long term basis, at-least 3 months or more.

What is other charges besides rent, that I incur other fees?

Besides rent, you are welcome to choose the extra facilities that you require.

What is Stamp duty and how is it calculated?

Stamp duty is the fee paid to IRS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to make the Tenancy Agreement, legal). Stamp duty is calculated based on the rent and duration of stay. Suppose you are rent is 1000$ per month and contract duration is 6 months, then stamp duty fee is 1000$*6/ 250$ = 24$. ( Every 250$ revenue – 1$ is the stamp fee). Stamp duty is always paid by tenant.

Do you charge any agency fee and if yes, how much should I pay, if I decided to move in to your co-living space?

We are not real estate agency, hence we don’t charge any agency fees.

I wish to cook at home, do you provide cooking utensils?

You are welcome to cook. However we don’t provide any utensils for cooking.

Currently I’m overseas and I’m coming to Singapore in few weeks for employment, so how can you help me to book a room through your portal?

That is very easy.. please follow the below steps…
  1. You can view the actual room via video call.
  2. After viewing, then get confirmation on move in date, stay duration, rent deposit etc.
  3. Send copy of your passport and work pass approval letter  (usually called the In Principal Approval letter).
  4. Review the contract sent by us and confirm to the terms and conditions.
  5. After you agree to the terms, you will receive initial invoice for deposit (this deposit is adjusted against your initial move in fee)
  6. Make payment against the invoice using your country debit / credit card.
That it your place is secured.