Who took my milk?

7.15 am on a Monday morning, Whatsapp message from Amit.

"Hey Ganesh, I don't feel right telling you about this. But this is not the first time, but this is the second time this is happening. Someone drank my milk without my permission! I'm super upset to find the entire Meiji milk can empty, and now I'm leaving to work without having my breakfast. Please find who is doing this, and seriously this is not good." I was still lying on my bed and patiently reading his message, and I could sense how much he must be upset! I was super worried about what has happened, but I was sure my other tenants are not so irresponsible as to use other housemate stuff. Every house has a WhatsApp group to communicate with, and all the tenants and I were in the group. Amit was polite enough not to send a sinker to the group asking about the milk, but he messaged me privately. "Finding who took Amits Milk" is my first customer support task for the day! {This task is still okay, two weeks back, another tenant, let's call me Mr. Max, called me and complained that Mr. Min is watching youtube when using the restroom, which is actually common to both Min and Max! I will share this story in my next post!} Ideas came to my mind.
  1. Buy Amit Meiji Milk and give him by the end of the day or
  2. Send a stinker to the housemates about this incident or
  3. Put a camera in the kitchen and monitor to avoid future problems. or
  4. Buy independent fridge for each and every housemate or
  5. Call each Other housemate and ask if they took the milk?
Asking any other housemate if they took the milk will be a disastrous experience, and someone who did not take the milk will be severely offended, and that will spoil my relations with anyone. The first four options have a second-order negative consequence, and the fifth option also has both positive and negative consequences.

7.22 am - Ganesh message to the house group:

Guys, I trust someone consumed @amit's Meiji milk by mistake, and If you had mistaken his Milk carton for your milk carton, I request you to kindly replace it asap.

7.23 am - Monday Ashok message to the house group:

"Oh, sorry, it's my mistake, @amit; I will get you a carton by this evening."

7.24 am - Monday Karthik message to the house group:

@amit, You can use my milk, buddy. If you like chocolate milk, feel free to have it; kept on the top shelf of the kitchen fridge. Cheers Such incidents are common in a coliving setup, and be prepared to experience life. Though it was an inconvenience to Amit, through this incident, he was able to identify Ashok's integrity and Karthik's sharing attitude. P.S :

2.24 pm - Monday Rajs' message to the house group:

"I don't know, and I hardly use the kitchen! :) Living in a shared space is not easy. Be ready to adjust! You get to meet personalities like Karthik, Ashok and also meet up and end up living with Raj also.