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7 Things To Know Before “Renting a Room“ In Singapore!

7 Things To Know Before “Renting a Room“ In Singapore!

There are a whole lot of things to look out for when renting a room, so these handy tips will be of great use:

1. Location and Travel time: When renting, do consider the location of your room and the proximity to MRT or bus stop. In Singapore most places are well connected by MRT and bus, but they are few places that are still not very accessible. Before deciding on the place, just travel from that place to your office and calculate the time. This will help you to make an informed decision.

2. Facilities: If you stay in a HDB home and if you were not allowed to cook then staying close to a gym or food court is necessary. If you find a place near 24X7 food court then you are really lucky!

3. Research on Price: Two rooms in the same locality may have different prices. You can’t decide one is costly than the other, unless you visit them in person. Do your research, use online classified as www.gumtree.com or www.propertyguru.com to check the room prices. Price is mostly based on furnishing, proximity to MRT, whether its owner occupied or non owner occupied property.

4. Diplomatic Clause: For expat tenants contract should come with diplomatic clause. Diplomatic clause is just a provision which will allow you to terminate the contract before the actual termination date without losing your security deposit. You can save a lot of amount, if your company calls off your contract. Some house owners might “neglect” to include an expat clause, so you have to check on this point in your agreement.

5. The Inventory List: It is really important to check the list in the agreement given by the landlord, who will list all the things on his property. Though it is very tough, but you need to go through each item mentioned on the list. The inventory content is quite often the most basic sources of dissension.

6. Agency Fee: If an agent is working for you to rent a room, then do discuss with him / her clearly as what will be his service fee. If you work with agents employed by the property owner then they will not charge you any fee, however if you approach an agent and want their services then you will be liable to pay agency fee.

7. Is it Legal: Many people will offer you a room, but before you accept to move in, please check if they are the legal owners of the place or if they are authorized by owner to sublet the house / room for you. A Simple way to check this, just ask the owner to give you contract and also stamp duty certificate. When the owner’s refuses to give these two documents then you are getting into or staying illegally!